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Q. How does trading work?
A. Commerce in Galactic Trader has been tightly regulated by the Federation. All transactions may occur only at a Federation approved trading center ajoined to each planet's spaceport. Because the free market on each Federation planet is but a small portion of the total market, its prices tend to be very volatile, depending on the availability of the fixed price items. Luxury goods may be in extremely short supply on a planet (leading to correspondingly high free market prices) but the arrival of a Federation transport stuffed to the brim with set prices luxuries can change that overnight. Eight commodities may be legally traded in Galactic Trader. In addition, nearly all planets will sell slaves and narcotics, items both prohibited by Federation law. The Galactic Police have seen their budget slashed time and time again, with new police vessels being delivered over to the Imperial Navy. The typical police Viper class ship is no match for even the weakest of smugglers. Consequently most planets pay little more than lip service to the Police...