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Q. What are some of the starships available?
A. Starships come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the 1 man Krait class fighter, to the fearsome Imperial Battlestar. The following summary, is reprinted, without permission, from Krelgar's Starship Buyers Guide.

Viper Class Police Ship:   Called by some 'sardine can' and by others
'widow maker', the Viper is an obsolete design that mounts a beam laser,
70 energy units, and 3 missiles.  Being but average in speed, the combination
of little energy and poor offense makes the Viper a sitting duck.

Adder Class Fighter:       The Adder features a front beam laser, 4 missiles,
50 energy units and Delison Class A maneouver drives.  It's modest pricetag
and relatively powerful weaponry have made it a favorite of the desperate.

Krait Class Fighter:       The Krait is smaller and more nimble than the
Adder, and features a military laser that can be found on no other ship in
its price category.  The Krait has however met with but limited commercial
success, due to its mere 30 units of energy.  Krait pilots have the lowest
survival odds of any ship, and only manage to successfully abandon ship 8% of
the time (compared with a 62% shipwide average.)

Cobra Class Free Trader:   The Cobra is the ultimate in comprimise designs: it
has reasonable defensive and offensive weapons capabilites, a quite acceptable
Delison class B drive, a respectable cargo hold, and a typical warp drive.
The Cobra is General Starship's most successful design to date: hundreds of
thousands have been sold.  It is enjoyed by traders, pirates, bounty hunters
and smugglers alike.

Fer de Lance:              The Fer de Lance is considered by many to be the
logical upgrade from the Cobra.  In fact the Fer was launched by Nova Corp. in
response to General Starship's Cobra.  The Fer de Lance's relatively high
pricetag have prevented it from acheiving the volume sales of the Cobra but
quality wise there is no contest.  the Fer features a reassuring 150 units
of energy, 4 missiles, and front beam laser as standard equipment.  The
Fer de Lance is definitely geared towards the adventuresome Trader: in fact
these properties have made it a favorite with pirates.

Ophidion Class Scout Ship: Once used by the Federation navy as scout vessels,
most of these were sold off to civilians when they became obsolete.  They
remain a highly desired ship, with exceptional maneouver and jump drives and
strong weaponry (110 units of energy, beam laser, 4 missiles).
Their one drawback is a marked lack of cargo space.

Boa Class Bounty Hunter:   A recent introduction by General Starship, the
Boa has yet to prove itself.  The Boa sounds like an appealing design on
paper:  it combines speed with strong offensive and defensive weaponry and
manages to fit a spacious cargo hold as well.  In practice however the
Boa has been found to have an unreliable hyperspace drive, structural flaws in
the weapons hardpoints, and a balky control system.  Several recent recalls
are said to have fixed most of the above (135 energy, 3 missiles, beam laser).

Imperial Destroyer:        A standard Imperial navy ship, these are found
but rarely in the showroom.  The destroyer has 200 energy units, a military
laser as standard equipment, and a reasonably large cargo hold.

Imperial Corvette:         Quick, with formidable offensive capabilities in the
form of a standard Excimer laser, the Corvette is versatile and deadly. It is
the standard patrol vessel for the Imperial Navy.

Due to Federation regulations, technical data is not available on the
following ships:
        Imperial Cruiser
        Imperial Battlestar
        Heavy Carrier
        Death Star
        Thargoid Ship
        Thargoid Mothership
        Exploration Ship