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Q. What kind of equipment is available?
A. General Military and Galactic Arms Inc. have an effective monopoly on the supply of arms and other starship equipment available in the Galaxy. The current Arms and equipment catalog is reprinted below:

Forward Pulse Laser:            This laser features a 2.5 cm nitrogen
discharge tube, along with a 2.5 Coulomb capacitor bank.  Capable of
discharging 200 50 Watt pulses/second, this laser is standard equipment
on most cheaper ships.

Rear Pulse Laser:               Equivalent in technology to the front
pulse laser, this device differs only in having a rear mount.

Front Beam Laser:               Using a 5 c.m Neon tube, this laser
can discharge a continuous 30000 Watt beam which will drain the energy
of even a larger ship in little time.

Rear Beam Laser:                Again, equivalent technology to the
front beam.

Front Military Laser:           A state of the art device manufactured
by GIA, the front military features a lethal 8 c.m. Helium cooled
Chemical discharge tube which discharges a 70000 Watt beam capable of
disintegrating even a major ship in a few seconds.

Rear Military Laser:            Equiv. to front military except on rear.

Front Excimer Laser:            An ultra hi-tech laser using the latest
in Excimer technology to achieve a 120000 Watt beam that will vaporize
most ships before they can even respond.

Front X-Ray Laser:              A most powerful laser weapon, will produce
an invisible 250 kilowatt beam that basically obliterates anything.

Front Mega Laser:               A devastating weapon that is slow to fire,
requiring a control computer to even operate. However, the results are
impressive, it being able to severely damage or destroy all ships in its path.
Any objects between you and your target take damage. It produces a 10
megawatt beam of incredibly coherent light.

Large Cargo Hold:               Made of light duralloy, this device doubles
the cargo capacity of your ship without affecting your performance.

Energy Unit:                    Uses modern fuel-cell technology to boost
your ship's energy by 100 units.

Extra Missile Rack:             Allows you to fire an additional 3 missiles.

Escape capsule:                 Just in case things don't turn out to plan,
this handy capsule is ready to eject you from your ship.  Includes an
insurance policy that will buy you a new ship of equivalent class to your
old one (limitations apply.)

ECM System:                     Electronic counter measures - using a
signal processor developed by GA, this device will cause all nearby
missiles to lose their lock-in and self-destruct.

Energy Bomb:                    The sale of these extremely lethal
anti-matter weapons was made legal only recently due to the escalating
Thargoid conflict.  It goes without saying that their use is forbidden
on all but alien (Thargoid) worlds.

Fire Control Computer:          The computer speeds up targeting, allowing
you to fire twice AND move in a single round.

Multi-Fire Rack:                This handy device allows you to fire up to 3
missiles in a single round.

LSJ System:                     Legal Status Jammer - Jams police
radios and computer systems, a handy tool for smugglers.

Tractor Beam:                   Used to tow abandoned ships to a starbase
or outpost, where you can board it to repair or salvage your prize. Can also 
be used to lock onto weakened enemy vessels to prevent them from fleeing.

Particle Beam:                  Can quickly disable ships, forcing them to be
abandoned much sooner. Does little permanent damage.

Advanced Sensors:               The GM Advanced Sensor Array is capable of
scanning through even heavily shielded cargo holds. It is standard equipment
for police vessels, used to detect slave and narcotics smuggling as well as
legal status. It's also handy for bounty hunters to locate their quarry.

Tactical Nuke:                  This little brother of the energy bomb is
launched like a missile with the "n" command. It differs from the missile in
that it must be launched while adjacent to a stationary target, and from the
energy bomb in that its blast radius is much smaller (2000 km) and far less
deadly. However, an energy bomb shield is useless against the powerful payload
of a tactical nuke.