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Telnet Client Compatibility Matrix
Client Compatibility Supports Color Price Registry Key Notes
C-Kermit Excellent Yes Free, Columbia University    
Tera Term Pro Excellent Yes Free, Download from Click here *  
PuTTY Telnet/SSH Excellent Yes Free, PuTTY home page Click here *  
Zap-O-Comm Very Good Yes $69,    
Reflection for UNIX and Digital Excellent Yes $265,   See help to turn on color
OS/2 Telnet PM Very Good Yes free    
HyperTerminal Private Edition Good Yes free, 
or download it here
  Download version 6.3 for color support, then change background to black and text to light grey for best results. However, color support is inferior to other clients.
Mac OS Excellent No Free can be found by opening Applications, then Utilities.
For best results, change your color scheme as follows:
  • Select Terminal menu, then choose Window Settings.
  • Select Color.
  • Change your foreground to white or light grey, and background to black.
Win 9x/NT telnet Poor No free   Graphics display as text approximation
* Please note that most Windows clients (other than HyperTerminal and Windows Telnet) do not set themselves up as the default telnet client for your system.

Therefore, you will need to either set up a session manually on your computer, or (for Windows XP and 2000) download and execute one of the registry files above.