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Q. What is Galactic Trader?

Q. The game crashed or did something strange while I was playing.

Q. The game doesn't look like the screenshots. I see funny characters where the window outlines should be.

Q. I installed one of the recommended telnet clients, but the Windows telnet keeps starting up when I click the link!

Q. The graphics look okay, but I don't see any color.

Q. How do I get my terminal emulator to automatically select Galactic Trader from the menu?

Q. How do I get MSP sound and music working?

Q. When I use TeraTerm with MSP sound enabled, why does Media Player pop up?

Q. When I view the commodities on a planet, the list is missing the commodity name and the quantities are strange.

Q. How do I join the game?

Q. What is the back story for the Galactic Trader universe?

Q. How does trading work?

Q. What are some of the starships available?

Q. What kind of equipment is available?

Q. What does my legal status mean?

Q. I connected to the game, but I'm not sure where to begin. How do I play this thing?

Q. I lost my connection to Galactic Trader. When I reconnected some time later, it said that I was already in the game. What do I do?